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  1. We are one of 5% of independent Fee-Only Investment Advisory and Financial Planning Firms.  Our fee structure is clear and concise.  There is never fine print to understand or any hidden fees.   This benefits you.  There is no mystery on how we are paid for our services which is different than the commission world of insurance and investments. Learn more about Fee-Only
  2. We are among the %1 of  investment firms in the nation that has the privilege to invest with Dimensional Fund Advisors.  We believe that trying to predict the future on stock market performance does not work over the long term.  Learn more about DFA.
  3. Our services are tailor made to each client’s specific circumstances and are never a one size fits all approach.
  4. We have taken the NAPFA fiduciary oath.  This oath states that we will act in good faith and in the best interest of the client. Learn more about our Fiduciary responsibility to you.


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