Top 7 Examples of Small Business Key Value Drivers

Small business key value drivers

  1. Strong Operating Systems
  2. Diversified Customer Base- You need a broad range of customers to insure that if one left, your company will still thrive.
  3. Effective and Documented Financial Controls:  How strong are they?  Are they documented, streamlined and could they stand up to an audit?
  4. Attractive Business Sector:  Are you in a sector that is growing and attractive to others?
  5. Stable and Increasing Cash Flow:  A stable and increasing cash flow reduces the risk of the person buying your business
  6. Realistic Growth Strategies:  When you predict your business growth, is it realistic and not under or overstated?
  7. Strong Management Team:  The person buying your business is buying the management team.  Make sure it is a strong one.

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